I have been involved in music since I was about 8 years old. My first instrument was the piano, and shortly thereafter, I started taking bass guitar lessons. Over time, I began playing more and more instruments, and now I can play pretty much anything that has strings on it, as well as drums, percussion and keys. I am also an avid synthesist and sound designer, and typically work with subtractive and fm synthesis as well as a variety of samplers.

While developing my musical skills during my early teens, I began experimenting with audio recording. At first I used a Fostex 4-track tape recorder, and then moved to the digital realm when I got a copy of Cakewalk Home Studio, and a M-Audio Delta 44 interface to record instruments into my computer. During this time, I formed a rock band called The Fake Parkers with some of my classmates, and we eventually recorded an album prior to finishing high school. I also began trying my hand at making electronic music using the cheap Casio and Yamaha keyboards I was able to borrow from friends, and using my computer to record, edit and mangle the sounds. My passion for music and recording culminated in receiving a BS in Recording Industry Management at Middle Tennessee State University.

During my time at MTSU, I developed a wide set of skills including:

I have included eight examples of some of the music I have worked on in the audio player. These tracks are in a variety of styles, and are meant showcase the skills I have listed above. You can use the SoundCloud and YouTube links at the bottom for more examples of my audio work, or if the audio player does not work in your browser.

  1. Not Alone • MOSAT
  2. Seconds • MOSAT
  3. This One • MOSAT
  4. Te Koop • MOSAT
  5. A Message • Daniel Fuller
  6. LMFO Pt. 2 (MOSAT RMX) • 5th Ward Weebie
  7. Find Our Way • Beach Bond
  8. Return of the Mack • Bayou City Bluegrass Band